But WHY do we do that ?
Article published in french in LUCANE n° 104 (sept 2004). Translated feb 2005.
All reasons we assert to fly kites.... The one and only true reason...
balance   The Elastic Bridle
Article published in french in LUCANE n° 106 (jan 2004).
How to prevent your kite from flying over your head.
Balance influence. Effect of an elastic bridle and How to implement.
meeting kites   God gracious, my kite !
What to do and not to do if your kite or your line is cut, hooked, blocked, gone with the wind...
Albatross in flight, 3/4   The Albatross
Article published in LUCANE and NCB n°109 (oct 2001).
Construction drawings and explanations.
In a Post-Scriptum : Modifications brought since publication.