Patiences by Maxime Rousselle.

This TNT application is completely free. The code also is open (see down). Just tell me if you use it, even if you have no remarks, it will encourage me. If you have, it will allow me to improve it ! From time to time, I still have a bug when moving cards, probably from an imperfect Redo proc, but I could not locate where... Thank you if you do.

This version has been written to work under Lion, with also larger cards for larger screens, to increase readability.

Download "Patiences" Application

In fact, the file contains the prog. After unzipped, double click on it, it will not Edit, but launch the App itself (probably subject to modification if some version of the editor appears...).
Playing Patiences Application :
• To change Patience or read Rules, only use the blue Menu button inside the window, top-left.
• Don't move the window by using its bar (you can try, very amusing !). If you really need, click outside the window, then move the window, then click inside and push cmd/P to unpause. Don't forget that each time you (or some App or Alert) get out of the app, after being back you must unpause by cmd/P ! (TNT feature...).
• Sometimes, you will get an alert, I don't know why... Try to answer it, but generally, the app crashes... (TNT feature ?)

When you launch the app, wait till cards are loaded. Choose another Patience than Lido in the left of the menu if you want. Manx is most simple, and more often successful.
You have a full Undo (cmd/Z) and Redo (cmd/E) capability. Attention : cmd/R relaunches the app from zero (TNT feature). Short-cuts and rules (general and particular) are accessed through the Menu.
New => If you press 0 to 9, + , - , * , the corresponding cards will be marked if they are visible or on foundation.

When the soft finds how to finish the patience, it runs alone by itself. But you can still use Menus during this time.